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Over this shit 8 months ago
Lmao why is she making those stupid faces and awful noises
She's the worst 8 months ago
The guy is hot and great dick and stroke game but she's fucking annoying
Dave 4 months ago
Is nobody going to talk about what an adventure his ball went on? And how he shoved it back in place at 9:02?
Dirty daddy 5 months ago
My sweet step slut craves daddy’s love. She teased daddy by openly humping her hairless kitten into everything she could. She progressed to letting her wet lips kiss onto daddy. Her mommy tried get her to stop but I didn’t allow that. I explained to mommy that her little kitten has needs too as I I fingered inside that pussy. Everytime after I’d make her repetitively cream on daddy I’d let her finish practicing after sitting her over my face. I’d make her pass out kissing her creamy kitten as
8 months ago
That wasn’t very sneaky.
Fucked up fact 5 months ago
Society wants to say cute lil girls aren't sexy but they put some fat ugly titty bitch in your face and wonder why you didn't even put a dollar in her string because it's gross..

Fuckm yung
3 months ago
He needs to teach her how to get fucked balls deep.
Waldo 5 months ago
When you accidentally brush up your daughters coochie and she immediately grabs your arm rubs herself on it and you do eventually end up going down on her but you start with the finger a just plow right into it because she's so wet for you
Danny 5 months ago
I love this chick with all my cock
Beautiful pussy 3 months ago
Fuck it’s ok